Kidney Stone Removal

Kidney Stone Removal

There are several ways of kidney stone removal process depends upon the size of the stone. Doctors in the beginning prescribe to drink sufficient water which helps to dissolve the crystal or stone formation in the kidney. Stones formation is basically due to excess intake of oxalate diets where the calcium oxalates do not dilute in the fluid due to less intake of watery or fluids. The calcium oxalates forms a stone shape or crystal which blocks urinal path either inside the kidney or in the ureters. Some of the basic steps or processes are mentioned below.

When the crystals of stones blocked inside the ureter the patient feels severe pain in the lower abdomen and back; sometimes it may cause to nausea or vomiting also. In the beginning stage of kidney stone removal process, doctors advise drinking plenty of water along with some painkillers. Most of the cases in the beginning get resolve if the patient drinks sufficient water and medicines. However, if the crystals get stuck in between the ureters or formed bigger inside the kidney, it will more painful and the patient has to go for advance medication. If the pain remains same, without relieving for more than fifteen days; then the patient must go for ultra-scanning processes to observe the position and size of the formed stones.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the second procedure for kidney stone removal. With this process, a machine with shock wave was passed into the kidney through abdomen to break down the formed stones or crystals. It is one of the easiest methods to break the crystals or kidney stones without doing any surgery to the patient. The patients would feel better during treatment or ESWL processes. However a little amount of blood may pass through the urine while after this operation. There are no side effects and infections caused after this process of treatment.

If a kidney stone is so large and does not broke by ESWL process, then it has to be done by surgical method, percutaneous nephrolithotomy. During this process of kidney stone removal a small instrument nephroscope was been inserted into the kidney to bring out the stone. During this process some large stones or crystals are needed to be broken with the help of ultrasonic or electro-hydraulic energy. During and after this process the patient has to stay in the hospital or clinic for a few days to cure completely.

Apart from these there is another method of treatment which performs when the stones block the passages of ureters. During this treatment, the ureteroscopic stone removal process was implemented by the surgeons. In this process without surge an ureteroscope was inserted to the ureters to remove the stones or to break them with the help of electro-hydraulic energy or ultrasonic procedures. Once the stones get removed from the ureters the patient need to take rest for a week or more than that.

The methods of kidney stone removal are seems very easy while reading; however it was very critical and caused other side effects if performing without caring, injecting or proper surgeries.


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