Passing a Kidney Stone

Passing a Kidney Stone

The level of ache while passing a kidney stone is not less than that of a labor pain. Initially the pain begins in the lower abdominal area and lower back areas; afterwards it increases to a high which is really unrestrained humanly. As the major causes of it is due to excess secretion of fluid or dehydration of fluid or lack of intake of watery into the body. There are certain useful tips which are advised by many doctors and researchers to the patient while passing kidney stones with a little pain, possibly.

The first and foremost thing is increase your level of drinking water. Take as much as possible more water during this period; as researchers say the water consuming level should in the ratio of body weight. Suppose, your body weight is 60kg you should take 6ltr of water daily; i.e. 10% of your body weight should be taken to remove the complete wastage from the body in the form of urine. However maximum people used to take 2-3 liters of water a day in their life. Therefore, excess intake of water helps you go through while passing a kidney stone. In certain cases if you feel jaded with taking excess water continuously then make a practice with lemonade drink; which contains citric acids. The citric acid and water helps to dissolve the crystals of calcium oxalates in the kidney.

Instantly follow the directions of your doctors which advised to restrict some foods along with. The most restricted foods are oxalate rich only; such as spinach, Swiss corn, peanuts, beets, animal proteins etc. Instead of this, try to take fiber rich foods which can be more helpful to soak up the oxalates presence in the diet and remove through the large intestines. While passing a kidney stone, the pain will be severe than that of any surgeries; therefore make a routine of little exercise. This is because, exercise insists to take excess water due to thirstiness and that will helpful for resolving the issue.

There is an effective home therapy to cure or prevent kidney stones is mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of olive oil, then guzzle with a glass of water. As the olive oil helps to grease stones and crystals it will be very helpful to relieve from the pain and formation of stones in the kidney. However, when deciding to perform passing a kidney stone, one should ask doctors to prescribe medicines or compositions which can cure and melt easily while passing.

During this process consult your doctor regularly and tell her/him about your progression. Don’t forget to drink sufficient water, eat fiber rich foods such as cranberry etc. In addition, avoid drinking coffee and soft drinks in this condition. It is because these things can stop the urination process and make you dried out. There is also a chance of infection or blockage of stone particles in the ureters or the renal system; which create more painful and anxious. Therefore report your doctor accordingly how you feel while passing a kidney stone.


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